With oneVault you can...  
  • manage multiple pentest projects and users
  • automate report writing or do away with it completely...
  • track and remediate findings from a single platform...
  • instantly view your organizations security posture
  • provide consistent pentest results with methodologies...
  • provide consistent pentest reporting with template findings...
  • prioritize remediation efforts where its really needed...
  • allow multiple testers to collaborate across projects...
  • identify root-cause and problematic environments or re-occuring issues...

oneVault is a platform designed not only for the purpose of managing and producing penetration testing projects and reports, but also a solution to consolidate all of an organization's penetration testing findings in a single, easy to use interface. Realtime Dashboards, Remediation Tracking, Customizable Reporting, Findings Library, Project Scheduling...

Reporting Flexibility

One of the main goals of oneVault is to help do away with old static Word or PDF reports, but at the same time give you choices!

You can use oneVault to generate fully customizable Word or PDF documents directly from your pentest projects, however usually once a project is compiled and sent off, it becomes another stale artefact for the customer to track in spreadsheets or other tools.

oneVault provides customer profiles so that the end-users can access and view reports online, ticket and track their organization's findings in the same user-interface that pentesters are reporting from and running their projects.

oneVault lets pentesters cut reporting down to a fraction of the time it used to take, leveraging a fully customizable findings library allowing pentesters to pick and choose templated findings into projects. Cutting down reporting times and providing consistent wording across all reports and projects and then easily export to a custom Word template.

Discover trends & Prioritize Remediation

There are a number of easy to use, real time dashboards providing a general overview & more indepth analytics of risks to your assets and environments to help you action and prioritize remediation across the organization. By enriching penetration testing results with data unique to your organizational landscape, you can focus remediation starting where it matters most.

Analyse findings / assets / environments in a number of different views & quickly discover trends and habits within your organization to ensure your high value assets and environments are not left exposed and that root-cause of risks are identified and addressed at the source.

What is oneVault

oneVault is a multi-purpose platform designed for organization's to not only help manage and improve the entire penetration testing process for pentest teams but also a solution for the customer, the recipient of those pentesting projects. By providing a customer profile within oneVault (where all the project findings and data is kept), the customer can leverage oneVault to drive the remediation process by tracking findings and assets and assigning remediation tickets to owners of those vulnerable systems.

No need to use multiple solutions to manage pentests, generate reports, track findings, create tickets and ensure remediation and provide valuable data back to business. oneVault keeps it simple.

oneVault is flexible in that it can be used by internal security teams or external consultancies. Whether your goal is to improve pentest management and automate report writing or to have a central source of pentest findings, statistics and provide additional services to customers or your business steakholders, oneVault can serve a variety of needs and capabilities while reducing cost.

Why use oneVault

oneVault as the name suggests is a single platform designed to serve a number of different use cases, be it for 3rd party consultancies or internal security & pentesting teams at a large enterprises. oneVault serves to benefit 3 core profiles for an organization or consultancy, each would have a different benefit and reason for using oneVault (See below for further details).

The goal is to improve the overall penetration testing experience, simplify tracking and remediation of findings, saving time & money and most of all improve your overall security posture.

Automated Reporting
No pentester loves...or even likes reporting, that's why oneVault has a few options available, depending on your requirements. As a pentester you work within your project space, adding customer assets and findings to the project and once the project is complete, so is 95% of your report. You can export your completed project to your customised Word template, which automatically adds all data, findings, tables and executive write ups.

Exporting reports is also not required, because customers can have their own access to oneVault (customer views), they can access the project summaries, assets and findings online.
Improve consistency and upskilling
Keep on top of your projects and know exactly where you are with the use of methodologies attached to your projects. Check each task off on every step in the methodology to keep everyone on top of the project progress and help you always stay on track and on time.

New pentesters can quickly get up to speed with your organization's various testing methodologies and tools by following custom methodologies you create or the industry standards already pre-loaded.
Findings Library
No need to keep re-writing findings or searching through previous reports to find that one perfect write up to use in your new project. The Findings Library stores all of your pre-written findings ready to be added to a project at the click of a button, no need to keep re-writing findings from one report to another. The library of findings is shared amongst your team.

Easily add the appropriate findings to the affected assets in your project, choose from your organization's own custom written templates or from the handful of findings pre-loaded into your oneVault account to get you started. Don't waste time on hours of reporting...add, adjust and get back to doing what you do best...breaking things!
Manage and Collaborate on Projects
Take advantage of the project management features that allow multiple pentesters with managers to collaborate across the project space, create and assign projects tasks to each other. Attach multiple methodologies & checklists to projects and assign users to various phases of the testing.

Scheduling components will help you keep on track with the current project pipeline and give you a view of your teams availability.
Consistently Deliver High Quality Projects
oneVault is designed to improve overall quality of pentesting output by free'ing up time for pentesters so they can what they love doing...which is not writing reports. By taking advantage of the Findings Library and applying Methodologies to projects your team can produce consistent wording and quality across all projects.

Managers will also have complete overview of all the projects and assist in reviewing projects before completion and availability to customers. With some minor workflow rules, you will be able to ensure quality reviews and output before delivery of projects.

Simplified Project and Resource Management
Project managers have the ability to provide specific user access to projects, to ensure that approved users can access projects & data they are authorized to. Within projects you can create and assign tasks for pentesters and apply methodologies to track progress and ensure consistent testing across all projects and testers.

Scheduling provides all managers and pentesters with current resource availability and enables you the manager to view the current resource stack and keep and eye on the project pipeline.
Create, Schedule, Assign, Review
Managers can create and schedule projects, assign pentesters and methodologies to projects to ensure complete testing. Managers can assign project access and review project findings upon completion. At this point you or the pentesters can also generate Word reports in your custom Word templates.

oneVault makes it easier to manage and deliver projects and most of all reduce time spent figuring out pentester schedules and availability.
Keep Track of Findings and Retesting
Keeping track of findings and ensuring that only fixed issues are closed can be tricky, hwever, leveraging the simple oneVault ticketing queues, allow you to track findings and remediation tickets.

When findings are remediated they move to a review status informing you that its time to retest. Only you have the control to close off findings.
Consolidated Findings Overview
Consolidate all your organization's penetration testing results & findings into a single view. With oneVault you are able to get an instant view of the current security posture of pentested applications, network infrastructure, mobile apps, source code reviews or just about anything that can be deemed an asset.

With all this information at your finger tips you can provide the executive board with a valueable data regarding security posture of key assets, value of pentesting programs, understand the root-cause of issues unique to your organization. Discover trends and and remediate where it matters most.
Smarter Remediation Decisions
Knowing that you have vulnerabilities is only the start. oneVault will provide you with a complete view of findings, assets & environments that you can analyse and filter in various ways so that you can quickly identify which threats pose the most significant risks to your organization, enabling you to make smarter remediation decisions.

Make use of the various analytical views to tracking findings and assets across various environments based of a number of variables that include, likelihood of exploitation, pentester priority recommendation, finding root-causes to name a few.
Findings, Tickets, Remedation
Dont use outdated spreadsheets and documents to track report findings or another 3rd party tool to create tickets to track remediation. With oneVault you can push findings to tickets from the project report and assign the finding to the responsibile persons/team and improve remediation and tracking from a single platform.

As tickets are linkdirectly to findings, all the information regarding the issues will be available to the assigned user. Track the remediation process and keep everyone involved up to date from the security teams to the operations teams.
Understand Root Cause
Besides improved remediation and tracking of findings, it is also important for an organization to understand the underlying root-cause of findings your organization faces.

You are able to analyse data in the dashboards by slicing and filtering findings, assets and environments against a number of variables to help you quickly understand root-cause and impact of findings introduced into your environments, so that you can address the issue at its core and begin improving the overall security posture from the inside out.


Everything in One Platform

Automate reporting, consolidate & track findings, remediate effectively, save time and streamline pentesting...

Automate Reporting
Save time by taking advantage of the Findings Library and quickly add approved pre-written templates to your projects, no need to keep re-writing. Generate word reports according to your templates or leave it all on oneVault.
Real time Dashboards
Unique dashboards for each type of user on oneVault to help provide you with better information to test, report, remediate and track. Analytical tools to help identify and prioritize high risk areas of the organization.
Easily create and schedule new projects, keep an eye on the project pipeline and manage your teams schedules better.
Finding, Ticket, Remediate
Push project findings into the ticket queue and assign a responsible person to remediate. Keep track of all your findings and remediation efforts in one place.
Project Compare
You can compare projects over time and see if issues are being remediated correctly
Take advantage of applying industry standard methodologies to your project to ensure consistent results between all team members.
There are no restrictions on the amount of projects you can create or users on your account be it for your pentest team or customers. You have a 1 year license to use oneVault, hosted within our Azure environment within any region of your choosing! Fully deployed on-premise option will be available soon!
If you decide to go with our hosted option, you will get dedicated infrastructure in any region of your choice, encrypted communications & storage and additional restrictions to your authorized IP addressess and ranges. 2FA is enforced across all deployments and accounts!
Support is provided via phone & email 7 days a week.

On-site workshops can be arranged

Cut Reporting Time
If you need to still use MS Word documents for reporting, export your project directly from oneVault to a customized Word Template at the click of a button...

No more Word Reports!
As pentesters work from within oneVault, access and customer specific views allow customers to login and view completed projects with out the need for a word report...

Everything stays up-to-date right from discovery to remediation!

Track Findings
Track findings across assets/project & environments. Findings can be pushed into the Tickets queue and assigned to users...

Tickets & Remediation
Push findings straight from the project to responsible persons and track the remediation process.

Consistent Testing Results
Apply methodologies to projects to ensure consistent results and that everyone knows whats been covered and where the project is at. oneVault comes with some default methodologies/checklists but you can add your own.

Use the Findings Library
No need to keep re-writing findings after findings, save time by making use of the Findings Library where pentesters can easily add the correct finding to the asset in the project with the click of a mouse!

Ensure consistency across all pentesters with regards to findings, testing and reporting.

Discover oneVault

There are a number of different dashboard views available to users that include project overviews, finding breakdowns of vulnerable assets and environments and views that allow you to analyse and filter through data to find whats critical, in what environment and how that it important to you.
Compare Projects Side by Side
Compare complete projects against each other, side by side. Understand how current projects and assets compared to previous testing or view the differences between staging environment and production...not that there should ever be a difference...right?
Testing Methodologies & Tasks to Projects
Attach one or multiple methodologies and/or tasks to projects to ensure testers never miss a beat. Create your own custom methodologies and task lists and help the less experienced pentesters get up to speed quickly and keep all testing on par!
Library of Findings
Instead of rewriting findings over and over, use the findings library to keep templates of your best write-ups and easily import them into your projects. oneVault starts this process off for you with a number of pre-written findings thats added to monthly.
Analyse Findings & Assets
Provide your customers or internal teams with various analytics to help them get to the important issues that need addressing first and help identify and understand core issues plaquing the organization.
Project Reports
No more word documents or spreadsheets (although available), project data regarding findings, assets and environments are stored within oneVault, always available and up-to-date, with simple access permissions allow only specific users access to see specific projects.
Automate Word Reports
For those times when you need to still produce a Word report, just hit the 'generate' button and oneVault instantly prepares a Word report with the current project data directly to you, in your pre-preapred Word report template. Easily upload and export to your custom Words template.
Project Management
Manage project details, assign user access, create tasks, assign methodologies, keep project notes and generate custom Word templated reports...all in a single view.
Project Scheduling
A simple overview of your current teams availablity, status and incoming project pipeline.
Push Findings to Tickets
Push your findings to the ticket queue and assign them to the appropriate owners of those affected assets. Get on top of fixing those findings, keep track of the process and remediate where its really needed.
Business Intelligence
Visualize various metrics to assist you in understanding the trends across projects, pentesters and customers to help shape your team and understand customers better.
Achievements of the Week
Keep it fun and challenging within your teams!
Customer View
A simple run through the customer dashboards...

Flexible solution to save you time and money

$ 1.4K / month

1 Year licence

Unlimited users

Unlimited projects

Setup & hosting

Training & support

$ 15K / year

1 Year licence

Unlimited users

Unlimited projects

Setup & hosting

Training & support

* All prices are quoted in US dollars. Organizations with a larger footprint may require a higher performing hosted server.
* On-premise options will be available soon, for fully self hosted on-site deployments.

If you are interested in a demo or want to find out more information, please feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]
[email protected]

We also have a free to use edition called Go oneVault available, see below for further details.


Go oneVault

With our free to use version of oneVault you will have access to most of the core features to run and manage your own penetration testing projects:

  • Hosted on a single multi-tenant server
  • Limited to a total of 3 users per account
  • Limited to only 2 projects per month
  • Limited access to dashboards and analytics, no ticketing & no custom methodolgies
  • Limited only to Pentest Team user accounts (Pentesters and Managers), no Customer user accounts
  • All reports can be exported to the default oneVault template only

Hit the link, sign up, we'll validate the account and you will receive a login!